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September 11th 1844

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Queen Victoria enjoys Perthshire

On their second visit to Scotland, Victoria and Albert arrived by boat at Dundee on their way to Blair Atholl. They stayed for three weeks and from all accounts it seems to have been a very happy visit.

Queen Victoria was an enthusiastic traveller and records in some detail her recollections of the journey.

“The country from here to Coupar Angus is very well cultivated, and you see hills in the distance. The harvest is only now being got in, but is very good; and everything much greener than in England.

Nothing could be quieter than our journey, and the scenery is so beautiful! It is very different from England; all the houses built of stone; the people so different - sandy hair, high cheek bones; children with long shaggy hair and bare legs and feet; little boys in kilts. Near Dunkeld and also as you get more into the Highlands, there are prettier faces. Those jackets that the girls wear are so pretty; all the men and women as well as the children look very healthy.

Coupar Angus is a small place - a village - fourteen miles from Dundee. There you enter Perthshire. We crossed the river Isla which made me think of my poor little dog ‘Isla’. For about five or six miles we went along a very pretty but rough cross-road with the Grampians in the distance. We saw Birnam Wood and Sir W Stewart’s place in that fine valley on the opposite side of the river. All along such splendid scenery, and Albert enjoyed it so much - rejoicing in the beauties of nature, the sight of mountains, and the pure air.

The peeps of Dunkeld, with the river Tay deep in the bottom, and the view of the bridge and cathedral, surrounded by high wooded hills, as you approached it, were lovely in the extreme. We got out at an inn (which was small but very clean) at Dunkeld, and stopped to let Vicky (her daughter) have some broth. Such a charming view from the window. Vicky stood and bowed to the people out of the window.” 

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