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December 11th 1795

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Religious diversity in Perth

Perth had always been something of a centre of religious dissent so it was not altogether surprising that in addition to three congregations of the established church (“not a vacant seat to be let in the three churches” ) there were no less than nine congregations of dissenters.

1. A small congregation of old Scots Episcopals.
2. An English Episcopal church. Several families from the country attend this chapel.
3. A small society of Cameronians, who affect to be called the old Scots Presbyterians.
4. A small society of Anabaptists. The principles they entertain here are not very well known.
5. A congregation of Burgher Seceders. Chiefly inhabitants of the town.
6. A congregation of Antiburgher Seceders. Many who attend come from neighbouring parishes.
7. A congregation of what are called Relief people.
8. A small society of Balchristy people who are a species of Independents.
9. A pretty large church of that kind of Independent who commonly are called Glassites or Sandimonians.They are not like the English Independents in time of Oliver Cromwell, but upon Christian principles,are loyal and peaceable subjects.

Taken from the First Statistical Account of Perth 1795.

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