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October 29th 1893

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Judge murmuring

Alexander Robertson was born in Dunkeld in 1825, and after leaving school started working in the local bank. On leaving the bank he built up a very successful business as a coal and potato merchant. He constructed his own house near Dunkeld which he named Dundonnachie and it was by this name that he became known.

Dundonnachie was no friend of those in high places. He published a pamphlet criticising the Marquis of Breadalbane who had cleared his tenants from his farms of Morenish, Kiltyrie, Cloichran and Glenquaich in order to make room for sheep. The Marquis was sufficiently upset by the pamphlet to endeavour to buy up all the copies and have them destroyed.

Later Dundonnachie led the agitation against the tolls levied by the Duke of Atholl on the bridge over the Tay at Dunkeld. He brought an action against the Duke in the Court of Session. His action also took a more practical form and he helped in the forcible removal of the toll booth. As a result of his activities he served a short prison sentence his offence being technically known as ‘murmuring against a judge’.

Unfortunately his sense of grievance affected his mental stability and he was for a time detained at the Murray Royal Hospital.

He died on October 29th 1893.

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