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August 25th 1690

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Taken by the Fairies

“Among the instances of undoubted veracity, proving in these the being of such ariel people is that of the woman taken out of her child bed and having lingering image of her substituted body in her room, which resemblance, decayed, died and was buried. But the person stolen, returning to her husband after two year’s space, he being convinced by many undeniable tokens that she was his former wife, admitted her home and had divers children by her.

Among other reports she gave her husband was this one: That she perceived little of what they did in the spacious house she lodged in, until she anointed one of her eyes with a certain unction that was by her; which they perceiving to have acquainted her with their actions they made her blind of that eye with a puff of their breath. She found the place full of light, without any fountain or lamp from whence it did spring.” 
Robert Kirk - The Secret Commonwealth of Elves, Faunes and Fairies

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