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August 6th 1332

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Balliol's invasion

When Robert the Bruce died in 1329 the task of creating a truly independent Scotland seemed to have been accomplished. But as so often happened to the monarchy in Scotland he left behind him as his heir, a young boy.

David 2nd was crowned in Scone in 1331 and was then only in his eighth year and so once again Scotland was ruled by a Regent, Randolf Earl of Moray.

It was the signal for Edward Balliol, with English support, to launch another invasion of the country. He landed in Fife and proceeded to Forteviot. In the meantime, Regent Randolf had died and the Earl of Mar, who had no military experience, was appointed in his place. He gathered a large force and prepared to meet Balliolís forces on the north of the River Earn at Dupplin Moor. But Balliol had friends among the Scots who were prepared to help him. A certain Andrew Murray of Tullibardine showed them a point on the river where they might cross in safety.

At midnight, Balliolís men crossed the river and continued to the Scottish camp in the utmost silence. They fell upon the sleeping Scots gaining a complete and bloody victory. Over 13,000 were slain including the Regent Mar and the Earls of Carrick, Moray and Menteith. Balliol went on to capture Perth and was crowned at Scone. Some twenty five years of invasion and civil war followed before David 2nd was allowed to reign (not very well) until his death in 1371.

Andrew Murray reaped little reward for his help to Balliol. He was captured at Perth two months after the battle, condemned for treason and executed.

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